Cobblers Creek Wetland Restoration Project

Funding Source:  GPCMN was invited by the EGW to undertake the restoration of the Cobblers Creek Wetland.

Start March 2013- ongoing  

Project objectives- This project is to restore Biodiversity to a wetland that is part of Cobblers Creek which flows into McLeod’s Morass.

The site had ben degraded by cattle over a sustained period and invasive weed and animals species are present on the site. Iniotial works targeted removal of the cows and control of weeds.  Next, native seeds were collected from the site and 10,000 trees, grasses, shrubs and wetland plants were propagated, grown and planted. Most of the trees were planted into circular exclusion plots. This prevents browsing animals eating the plants.

Recently, 20 nesting boxes were installed around the site. Designs included Bat , Partalote, Sugar Glider, Duck and  Parrot habitat boxes were installed by 3 French environmental  Intern students. 

The site was also put under a Trust for Nature Covenant .

We plan to direst seed Kangaroo grass in the spring and build and plant out an additional two exclusion plots.

 Activities include-

•Removal of weeds x 20 ha

•Revegetation x 20 ha

•Pest animal control- 20 ha

•Install and monitor nesting boxes- x 20

Sponsors and contributors-

•East Gippsland Water

•Department of Environment and Primary industries- Biodiversity fund

•East Gippsland Landcare- for fencing

•Trust For Nature