Forge Creek Preliminary Fish Survey 2014


Considerable time, effort and monies have been spent rehabilitating Forge Creek and the immediate riparian zone, undertaking a fish survey will complete this picture and allow for the bench marking of those species that are present and their abundance. It will also give an indication of the prevalence of the invasive Mosquito fish – Gambusia holbrooki, which is wide spread throughout Gippsland.

It was proposed that a minimum of two surveys be completed, one of these late spring – early summer 2013 and another late summer 2014, weather and water levels and flow permitting. The survey was to be undertaken at four sites along Forge Creek, where possible at the sites where water monitoring data was also being collected, this in turn will provide a more detailed snap shot of Forge Creek, its water parameters and the possible impact these may have on the species inhabiting this area.

You can download this preliminary report here in PDF format.