Protecting and Connecting Gippsland Lakes Foreshore Wetland and Woodlands to the Forge Creek Chain of Ponds

Funding Source: 2012/13 Coastcare Community Grants Program

Start/ Fin Jan 2013 2013 /30 June 2013

Project Overview:

1.Reduction of sediments to the Gippsland Lakes by improved stabilisation of foreshore following removal of stock and subsequent revegetation.

2.Activities include- Improved condition for critically endangered Gippsland Red Gum Grassy Woodland, and three other vegetation communities threatened at the state level, via removal of stock, invasive weeds and reintroduction of indigenous species.

3.Reduction in nutrient input to the Gippsland Lakes by removal of stock


  • •protect 1.5km of Gippsland Lakes foreshore following cancellation of a foreshore grazing licence by fencing off the area.
  • •We will remove weeds of national significance, African boxthorn and blackberry, from public land and revegetate using 8,000 indigenous species.
  • •We will commence restoration of a former sand mine using revegetation in fenced enclosures to combat browsing pressure from hog deer and native herbivores.
  • • We will use infrastructure (bollards, gates etc) to prevent access to 2km of foreshore by cars, motorbikes, quad bikes and mountain bikes which are causing considerable erosion.
  • •We will continue to work with the DSE (the land manager) and the two community groups active in this area, helping to direct volunteer input to this project
  • •We will continue to improve and connect the landscape linkage along Forge Creek so that ultimately it links across to Moormurng Flora and Fauna Reserve, the 1000ha largest remnant on the Red Gum Plains)
  • •We will produce a 20 page colour newsletter On the plains & In the rainforest profiling the onground works