Protecting Biodiversity in the Gippsland Lakes Hinterland

Funding Source: 2012/13- VIF – Natural Resources Investment Program

Administered by  East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority.

Start/ Fin Sept 2012 /30 June  2013

Overview- This project seeks to enhance the health, ecological function and resilience of the Gippsland Lakes system and the associated hinterland.

The Project will implement activities that reduce sediment and nutrient onput- rehabilitation, revegetation and protection of terrestrial areas associated with foreshore areas. It will also seek to increase the Biodiversity values by implementing threatened species work in the state and commonwealth listed Central Gippsland Plains Grassland and the forest Redgum Grassy woodlands. The GPCMN will assist land managers to fence off 10 ha and remove grazing from Gippsland Lakes foreshore within the Forge Creek Water Reserve.

Activities include-

  • Hold 1 event
  • Revgetate 500 meters of River bank/foreshore
  • Change grazing regime over 10 ha
  • Fence remnant vegetation with riparian zone- 10 ha and 1 km or foreshore
  • Exclude stock from 2 km or Creek
  • Establish offstream water point. X 1