Tackling Threats to Tom’s Creek nationally endangered woodlands

Funding source: Community Action Grants / Caring for our County

Start/ Finish: 1/0/2012- 31/8/2013

Project Overview: Tom’s Creek connects the Gippsland Lakes to the inland grassy woodlands of the plains and has relict chain of ponds which act as drought refugia for temperate eucalypt woodland birds.


We seek to bring together neighbouring landholders (many of whom are managing their woodlands via conservation covenant) to address weeds, in particular blackberry and African love-grass, on public land that are threatening woodlands on both public and private land. Landholders in both Landcare groups involved in cross property biodiversity plan own properties beside Toms Creek. Revegetation using locally sourced species will be carried out to assist weed control and improve diversity in the reserve. One leaflet on the reserve will be produced.

•Increase area of native habitat and vegetation managed to reduce critical threats over 20 Ha

•Reducing the impact of invasive species over 20 Ha

•Protecting Ramsar listed wetlands and other High Conservation Value Acquatic Ecosystems (HCVAEs) over 8 Ha

•Participant engagement throughout the project.