The substantial clearing of natural vegetation and the removal of old growth trees containing hollows has resulted in the loss of habitat for many native birds and mammals. Many native species depend on tree hollows for shelter, refuge and breeding.

Tree hollows can take more than 100 years to form. Unfortunately by this time the tree may be seen as unsafe, dead or a good source of firewood. In urban areas, a lack of natural hollows forces some native birds and mammals to take up residence in peculiar places such as gutters, roof spaces and fuse boxes.

Many native species not only rely on hollows for nesting and breeding but require hollows for their day to day shelter, protection and survival. Nest boxes or ‘artificial hollows’ can be used as a means of compensating for this loss of natural habitat, and protecting our precious native birds and mammals while natural hollows are being made by time.

The GPCMN can offer you a range of locally handmade, made to order Habitat boxes for sale

  •  Sugar Glider Boxes – $100
  •  Micro Bat Boxes- $45
  • Partalote boxes- $45
  • Tree Creeper      -$45  
  • Parrot boxes-      $45
  • Peregrine Falcon Boxes-$350
  • Owl Boxes Boxes    $150
  •  Kookaburra $70
  • Sugar Glider $70

Contact the Facilitator on 0457914606 or for details and orders.

Beware- all boxes are made to order, there may be a few weeks wait for your boxes. Due to weight of boxes and postage prices dont include delivery . Contact the Facilitator to discuss delivery.

All proceed from the sale of ” Nest Box Supermarket will go back into or Peregrine Falcon and Barn Owl project box installation and monitoring.



If you are interested , please contact the GPCMN Facilitator on 0457914606 or email